Free Trial Day

We’d like to invite your pet to a Free-Of-Charge Trial Day at The Warsaw Pethouse – a day filled with positive experiences and fun with other canine pals! If you feel guilty about leaving your dog at home, where it stares droopily out of the window, scratches at the door or chews yet another pair of shoes while you’re at work... come visit us. We can give a guarantee that, boredom is not something we know! The Free Trial Day consists of fun in an intimate group  up to 6 dogs – at the safe and secured range, as well as our mansion’s boxes-free interior. We provide round-the-clock dog trainer care,  a professional obstacle course, as well as access to a specially designed luxury leisure rooms for your dog.

The trial day employs two stages:
1. Temperament/Character test – it takes about 30 minutes. It is carried out by our dog trainer or dog psychologist in order to determine the dog’s character. We do not accept dogs showing aggressive behavior towards people and other animals.

2. Group play - based on the test result, the dog is introduced to one of the groups at The Warsaw Pethouse. All approved dogs are friendly towards the other, so the rest of the day passes at games and exercises under the guidance of tutors. For more information and a sample day schedule, please see the DOG DAYCARE tab.

P.S. If your pet fails the Temperament test, we can help in retaking it. Our zoopsychologists will make sure to teach it how to properly deal with anxiety and fear of meeting new colleagues.